hard 1

Entry Definition
s/he has hard feelings, has strong feelings (about something)
(ground, soil) it is frozen hard
it gets packed down hard (earth, soil)
(cushion, mattress, pillow, chair seat, bed, ground, etc.) it is hard (uncomfortable to sit or lie on)
s/he boils it until it turns hard
it is dry and hardened
(leather, skin, fabric) it is hard to the touch
s/he, it is hard to the touch; s/he, it is difficult
hard to the touch, firm, solid; sturdy, strong, tough; difficult
(tree) h/ grain is dense or solid, h/ wood is hard to split
(animate; tree, Hammamelis virginiana) witch hazel; (animate) hardwood tree (of any species); (inanimate) hard stick
(snow, grass, etc.) s/he, it is packed down hard from being walked on
s/he is hard-hearted; s/he is stubborn
s/he freezes hard
it is swollen and hard
s/he has tough or hard skin
hard or tough apple (sometimes used as nickname)