even 2

Entry Definition
it is evenly shaped; it is shaped the same way (as something else)
s/he makes it level, evens it
(something stick-like) it is straight; it is even with (something else)
s/he gets or is paid an even share, is paid the same as other(s)
s/he cuts or trims h/ hair to an even length (crew cut, ends of tresses, etc.)
(with scissors) s/he cuts something belonging to h/ straight or even (paper, cloth, bangs, etc.), trims it to same length
(cloth, paper, etc.) s/he, it evens out, smooths out
s/he, it is straight; it is flush or even (with something else)
to same extent as; evenly; flush with; straight; simultaneously, contemporaneously
it is even or level
it looks even, looks balanced, looks equivalent
to same extent as; evenly, flush; straight; at the same time, simultaneously, contemporaneously
(water) it is of uniform depth; it is equally deep (as in another place)
s/he works at steady or smooth or even pace
s/he is cutting something off flush, level, or even (with something else); (basketmaking) s/he is cutting off excess part of stander(s) level with top of basket
h/, its surface is even or smooth; (ai; person) s/he does everything s/he is supposed to do