Entry Definition
detour, bypass road, ring road
going along a back road
road, street; route
on the road toward here
there was a road or path there; it was a road or path
it is a closed road, the road is closed
shortcut path or road
it is shortcut path or road
across the road
(road, path) its condition is such; it is situated, it curves, etc. in such a way
it is a bumpy road; there are various roads or paths there
(road, path) it is in poor condition; it is bad road or path
(road, path) it keeps going, it goes by
it has roads or paths everywhere
road builder
(road, path) it goes in that direction
road going downriver or downhill
newly constructed road
(road, path) it splits, there is fork in it
s/he, it goes off course; s/he, it goes off the road (unintentionally)
it is a winding or curvy road
a road or path goes through
s/he makes road through it
a road or path goes through
it is straight road or path