Entry Definition
s/he bites back at h/
s/he bites back at it
s/he clamps with teeth something belonging to h/; s/he bites it and holds it for h/
s/he clamps h/ with teeth, bites h/ and holds h/
s/he clamps it with teeth, bites it and holds it
s/he takes one bite of h/ and leaves h/ (e.g., apple)
s/he takes one bite of it and leaves the rest of it
s/he bites h/ leaving mark
s/he, it has bite-mark
s/he bites it leaving mark
s/he misses it or loses hold of it when biting it
s/he smokes with pipe stem (cigar, etc.) held firmly between teeth or lips, smokes with cigarette dangling from lip
s/he holds h/ firmly between teeth (e.g., pipe, cigar)
s/he holds it firmly between teeth (e.g., pencil)
(dog) s/he bites and holds on, bites and doesn't let go
s/he bites into it while chewing (e.g., fish bone)
s/he bites into something belonging to h/
s/he bites or gnaws h/ off
s/he bites or gnaws it off
s/he breaks or crushes it by biting it
s/he accidentally bites self (e.g., lip, hand)
s/he splits h/ (ash splint) along grain into thinner layers using teeth to hold one side
s/he bites h/
(child, dog, etc.) s/he is biter
s/he bites