Entry Definition
(mammal, various species) seal
sealskin, seal pelt
(mammal) seal, seal's; of seal or sealskin
seal fat, seal oil
s/he hunts seals
s/he hunts seal pups
s/he seals h/ with something sticky (e.g., tape); s/he seals h/ in, closes h/ in
s/he seals it with something sticky (e.g., tape)
s/he seals it with sticky substance
s/he solders h/ shut, seals h/ with liquid substance
s/he solders it shut, seals it with liquid substance
s/he seals or shuts it by wrapping it (e.g., with tape) or tying it
s/he seals something belonging to h/ by wrapping or tying it
(person, animal) blood clots in h/ cut or wound; (wound, cut, blood vessel) s/he, it clots, forms scab; (envelope) it seals with adhesive
(animal) male seal
seal hunter
hooded seal