Entry Definition
s/he waves back at h/
s/he waves at h/ from across the way
the waves are big or high, the water is rough
(on ocean, lake, etc.) there are big waves
s/he, it tips with or on the waves
there are dangerous or turbulent waves (e.g., standing waves in river or turbulent waves where ocean currents meet)
the waves are heading away; the waves are getting bigger
it rides the waves well
(in ocean, lake, etc.) wave
it is formed in shape of small waves (crimped, corrugated, pleated, etc.)
(on lake, river, etc.) ice forms with rippled surface
(cloth, flag, etc.) it is flapping, waving
(cloth, paper) s/he, it flaps, waves
there is heavy sea, the waves are so high
s/he waves (hello, goodbye, etc.)
s/he waves to h/
(crest of breaking wave) whitecap
s/he waves to h/, beckons h/
(duck, boat) s/he, it rides the waves well
(surface of water) the waves are gentle
s/he jumps around, jumps all over the place; s/he waves limbs around, flails around