Entry Definition
s/he presses on it and rubs it; s/he shakes it to settle it (container or contents)
s/he erases it, rubs it out, effaces it; s/he crosses it out, blacks it out
s/he erases, etc. something belonging to h/
s/he rubs h/ off (soft substance); s/he wipes h/ off quickly and inadequately
s/he loses hair by rubbing back and forth on something
(ice, tile) s/he, it is heard cracking from movement; (leaves, plural) they are heard rubbing against one another
s/he wipes it clean; s/he rubs it out, erases it completely
s/he rubs vinegar on self (as liniment)
it rubs thin
it is bloody from moving or chafing
s/he polishes it by rubbing it, furbishes it
s/he rubs h/ head, strokes h/ hair
s/he rubs it with salve or ointment
s/he rubs it against something
s/he rubs or massages h/ with lotion, liniment, etc.
s/he rubs it with lotion, liniment, etc. (body part, etc.)
s/he rubs something belonging to h/ (part of h/ body) with lotion, liniment, etc.
s/he rubs part of h/ body with lotion, liniment, etc. for h/
s/he rubs self with lotion, liniment, etc.; s/he embrocates
lotion, liniment, rubbing alcohol
(dog) s/he rubs self on it (something smelly; e.g., dead seal, droppings)