Entry Definition
s/he tramples it; s/he ties it tight
s/he tramples it regardless, tramples it indiscriminately
s/he tramples it for h/ regardless
(carpet, floorboard) s/he, it is worn down or worn out from trampling, from being walked on
s/he is heard trampling (e.g., walking on dry leaves or branches)
(ground) a depression has been trampled in it (e.g., from repeated walking, dancing, etc.)
s/he softens it by trampling it (e.g., mattress)
s/he tramples it so that it bursts or breaks (something soft; e.g., tube of toothpaste)
s/he tramples (hay, snow, etc.)
s/he tramples down hay (e.g., on wagon or haystack)
s/he tramples it
s/he tramples something belonging to h/