Entry Definition
(walking) they (two) meet each other by chance, run into each other; (sport) they confront each other
s/he stands up to h/, defies h/, confronts h/
s/he confronts it; s/he forces way through it
s/he confronts h/, forces way through h/
s/he confronts (someone)
s/he confronts h/ (by talking to h/)
s/he kicks it thus, kicks it to there; s/he steps or stamps or stomps on it with foot; s/he applies force or weight of body to it (by jumping, standing, leaning, pushing, etc. on it); s/he dances it thus; (figuratively) s/he confronts it, overcomes it, etc.
s/he confronts h/, says something about h/ in h/ presence; s/he finds out the truth from h/ about what someone else did