Entry Definition
s/he speaks calmly or soothingly with h/
s/he climbs hurriedly; s/he speaks awkwardly
s/he keeps talking, keeps speaking
s/he tries without success to say it, has difficulty saying or pronouncing it
s/he talks elegantly, speaks poetically
s/he speaks strangely
s/he talks loud, speaks in loud voice (when a quieter voice is more appropriate, as in church or in conversation about private matters)
s/he climbs halfway up; s/he mixes two languages when speaking, speaks half and half
s/he speaks English
s/he speaks in English
s/he speaks knowledgeably, speaks authoritatively
s/he speaks without meaning to (e.g., betrays a secret)
s/he speaks about h/ with great respect
s/he speaks silently or secretly, whispers so as not to be heard, murmurs
s/he talked or spoke, can talk or speak
s/he speaks for h/, speaks on h/ behalf; s/he translates for h/; s/he arranges marriage for h/
s/he speaks for it; s/he is spokesperson for it
s/he speaks
s/he speaks in secret
s/he wants to speak, is going to speak or make a speech
s/he speaks (a language)
s/he speaks thus
s/he speaks to self, talks to self
s/he starts to talk, starts to speak
s/he speaks up