Entry Definition
it is stuck together
(plant) it has burs growing on it; (person, animal, garment) s/he, it has burs stuck on it
s/he is stuck with porcupine quills
s/he stuck on, can stick on
s/he, it is sticky, is stuck on with something sticky
s/he, it sticks, is stuck, is caught; (bird) s/he alights and holds on
s/he is on, stuck on; s/he is in hock, still in hock
s/he has something is stuck in throat
(car) it is stuck or hung up in snow (e.g., wheels move freely but chassis is stuck on the snow)
s/he, it gets stuck in snow
s/he is staring fixedly, h/ eyeballs are "stuck"
it is stuck in mud
(shoe, car, wheel, etc.) s/he, it gets stuck, gets mired (in mud, slush, etc.)
(car in mud, boat run aground, wheel, etc.) it is stuck or mired
s/he, it is stuck
h/ hand gets stuck
s/he gets stuck in it
(rope, thread, etc.) s/he, gets stuck
s/he, it is stuck in or into (something)
s/he has it lodged in throat
it is stuck on in layer (e.g., egg in frying pan)