Entry Definition
s/he changes h/, transforms h/; s/he changes h/ diaper
s/he changes or transforms self
s/he changes it, transforms it
s/he transforms self into girl, becomes girl
s/he makes h/ different, transforms h/; s/he finds h/ different
s/he turns h/ over, turns h/ around; s/he makes h/ change h/ mind; s/he transforms h/
s/he turns it over, turns it around; s/he transforms it, changes it into something else
s/he turns over or turns around or transforms something belonging to h/
turning to face in opposite direction, reversing direction, flipping over; (done) in the opposite of the usual way; transforming
s/he converts or transforms it into something else
it changes or is transformed into something else
s/he produces transformations
s/he transforms self into boy