Entry Definition
s/he appears to be in good health (after having been ill)
it is looked at upside-down, appears to be upside-down
there is more of it, there is more of it than it seems; (plural) there are more of them (than it seems)
s/he seems lonely
it seems lonely
s/he seems easy (to beat, to fool, etc.)
it seems easy to do
it appears (that), it is evident (that); it looks as if ...
(appearance) it looks thus, appears to be ...; it resembles
(appearance) s/he looks thus, appears to be ...; s/he resembles
it looks slow, seems slow
s/he looks slow, seems slow
it appears to be far away; it looks vast or endless
it seems fast, seems to go fast
quite far away; seemingly far away
s/he has calm demeanor, appears to be composed