Entry Definition
s/he forms it at an angle or slant; s/he makes it crooked (when it is supposed to be straight)
s/he shapes or forms, gives things a shape
it has such a form, has such a shape
s/he has such a shape or form
it is in form of house, is shaped like house
it comes in different shapes, has various forms
s/he has bad shape, h/ shape is unattractive
s/he weaves it (basket) around form or mold
s/he knows how to shape it or form it
s/he shapes or forms it from memory (e.g., without using mold or model)
s/he forms it, shapes it, fabricates it
s/he forms it, shapes it, fabricates it; s/he makes it in such a shape
(pot, chassis) s/he, it is formed from iron or steel
s/he is forming it, is shaping it, is fabricating it
s/he is different (in form, character, nature); s/he grows differently
ice is forming on water (lake, bay, etc.)
frost is forming