Entry Definition
it is slumped or collapsed in shape
it is crooked in form or shape
s/he shapes h/ roughly by scraping, smoothing, chipping, etc. (e.g., piece of ash wood)
s/he shapes something belonging to h/ by scraping, smoothing, etc.
s/he shapes roughly by chopping with hatchet or similar tool (e.g., in making a handle for an ax or hammer)
(sofa, hassock, car) it is low in shape
(bathtub, pot) s/he is low in shape
s/he reshapes it, corrects its shape (e.g., repairing a dent in a car fender by hitting it from underneath and popping it back into place)
it is shaped on one side only
(child) h/ body has adult shape or proportions
s/he is in poor shape (physically), looks pitiful
s/he shapes or forms, gives things a shape
it has such a form, has such a shape
s/he has such a shape or form
it is in form of house, is shaped like house
it is burned out of shape, is deformed by heat
it comes in different shapes, has various forms
(three-dimensional object) s/he, it comes in many shapes; s/he, it sticks out in one or more places; s/he, it is rocky, is lumpy
s/he comes in many shapes; s/he sticks out in one or more places
it has bad shape, is unattractive in shape
s/he has bad shape, h/ shape is unattractive
s/he knows how to shape it or form it
s/he shapes or forms it from memory (e.g., without using mold or model)
s/he forms it, shapes it, fabricates it
s/he forms it, shapes it, fabricates it; s/he makes it in such a shape