Entry Definition
s/he forms it at an angle or slant; s/he makes it crooked (when it is supposed to be straight)
it is at an angle, is crooked
s/he, it flies or falls through the air at an angle (involuntarily)
(something stick-like) it is at angle, it is crooked
it hangs crooked, hangs at an angle
at an angle, diagonally, obliquely, crooked
it is made at an angle, is made crooked
s/he makes it at an angle, makes it crooked
s/he, it tears at an angle, tears on the diagonal
it lands or strikes at an angle (e.g., bullet after being deflected)
s/he wears it at angle
s/he wears at an angle something belonging to h/
s/he repositions it quickly at an angle (usually, with undesirable result; e.g., deflecting gun when pulling trigger)
at an angle, diagonally, obliquely, crooked
s/he, it goes along at an angle, goes sideways
s/he, it juts out crooked or at an angle
s/he holds it at an angle