Entry Definition
it dries crooked
s/he shrinks in width from drying
it shrinks in width from drying
s/he becomes shorter as s/he dries (e.g., rope)
it becomes shorter as it dries (e.g., leather shoelace)
s/he hangs clothes over something to dry (without using clothespins)
s/he hangs clothes to dry; (cormorant) s/he holds wings out to dry
s/he wipes h/ dry (pot, dish, food residue)
s/he wipes it dry
s/he wipes dishes, dries dishes
s/he wipes it dry (utensil)
s/he wipes h/ dry briskly, dries h/ off briskly
s/he wipes it dry briskly, dries it off briskly
s/he wipes dry something belonging to h/
animal skin that has been dressed, stretched, and dried
(bean, pea) its pod has dried
s/he dries h/ (fish, apple, etc., to preserve as food)
s/he dries h/ (fish, etc.)
s/he dries it (meat, herb, berry, etc.)
(fish, apple, shirt, etc.) s/he dries; (figuratively) s/he is thirsty
(wood, lumber) it is dry
it is dry, is arid; (meat, fruit) it is dried
it is dried or dehydrated or desiccated
s/he dries it (meat, fish, etc.)
s/he dries something belonging to h/ (meat, etc.)