Entry Definition
s/he runs into or hits against something (wall, post, boulder, iceberg, etc.)
s/he walks far into or sinks into (woods, grass, brush, snow, mud, etc.); (thorn, etc.) s/he gradually works way into (body, carpet, etc.; verb ai 9)
s/he pounds it (something made of ash wood) down into the ground (Ma)
s/he puts h/ in the fire
s/he puts it in the fire
it hooks onto or into (something) (e.g., shackle into case of padlock)
s/he steps into (something)
s/he, it is stuck in or into (something)
s/he throws h/ in (into room, box, etc.)
s/he hits into h/
s/he hits into it
s/he puts it in, s/he inserts it
into; passing through boundary (doorway, hole, border, etc.)
into; in or out through boundary (doorway, hole, border, etc.)
s/he bends down into something
s/he knocks it in; s/he drops it or lets it fall into something (unintentionally)
(changing residence) s/he moves in
s/he throws it into stove or fire
(child, rummager) s/he gets into everything
s/he falls in
s/he gets into vehicle or boat
s/he pours it into something; s/he pours enough of it