Entry Definition
s/he changes own shoes (puts on different pair)
s/he has old shoes, h/ shoes are old
s/he takes shoes off
s/he has big shoes, h/ shoes are big
h/ shoe
s/he has fancy shoes, has smelly shoes
s/he has sexy shoes; s/he is wearing high-heeled shoes
s/he puts thick footwear on h/ feet (usually, to keep h/ warm)
s/he wears out shoes
s/he gets a little excrement on shoe (from stepping in it)
s/he puts shoes on h/
s/he puts shoes on
baseball shoes, spiked shoes, cleated shoes, steel-toed shoes
s/he wears shoes, wears that kind of shoe
wooden shoe
s/he has new shoes
wooden shoe, clog
s/he wears shoes
s/he has wet shoes
s/he puts h/ shoes on the wrong feet
h/ shoe(s) have fancy heel(s) s/he is wearing fancy shoes (often used to indicate being overdressed for an occasion)
s/he is wearing high-heeled shoes
s/he wears heavy shoes, boots, etc.
s/he is making shoes or moccasins