Entry Definition
s/he mixes it
s/he shakes h/ to mix h/ up (milk, etc.); s/he shakes h/ to wake h/ up
s/he shakes it to mix it up
blender, mixer
s/he, it is mixed by shaking; (animate dual and plural, playing cards) they are shuffled
s/he mixes it all together (cake batter, soup, etc.)
s/he mixes or blends h/ (soft substance)
s/he mixes or blends it (soft substance)
s/he mixes together something belonging to h/
s/he mixes h/ by hitting or pounding h/ (soft substance; e.g., dough)
s/he mixes it by hitting or pounding it (soft substance; e.g., wet cement, paste)
(dry ingredient) s/he mixes it in
s/he mixes h/ (soft substance)
s/he mixes h/ vigorously (by hand; e.g., cake batter with wooden spoon)
s/he mixes it vigorously (by hand; e.g., thick paint)
mixing bowl
(dry ingredient, sand, cement, etc.) it gets mixed in
(dry ingredient, sand, cement, etc.) s/he mixes it in
it is mixed together (using various ingredients)
s/he mixes it together (using various ingredients)
s/he mixes or combines something belonging to h/
(ingredient) s/he, it mixes in quickly
mixed together, combined
(ingredient) s/he, it is mixed in