Entry Definition
(cook) s/he beats it (eggwhite, etc.); s/he stirs it vigorously
s/he beats h/, hits h/ with severe blow
(person, drum) s/he is beaten
s/he beats it, hits it with severe blow
it beats or pounds fast
s/he struck h/, can strike h/; s/he defeated or beat h/
s/he struck it, can strike it; s/he defeats or beats it
(fight, punishment) s/he beats h/, spanks h/
(cribbage) s/he beats h/ by one point
s/he leaves h/ behind, abandons h/; s/he beats h/ in a race; s/he leaves h/ (spouse, etc.)
s/he hits it thus (hurting or injuring it); s/he beats it thus (drum, etc.); s/he picks it (berry, sweetgrass, etc.)
s/he is hitting h/, beating h/, pounding h/; (also, Ma) s/he is killing h/
s/he pounds it thin (metal, steak)
s/he beats or brushes h/ (e.g., carpet) to remove snow or dust
(rope, string, fish) s/he is beating against something
it is hitting against something; (heart) it is beating
s/he beats h/ so hard