Entry Definition
s/he braces h/ against falling, props h/ up
s/he, it is braced against falling, propped up
brace, prop, support (used to hold something upright)
s/he braces it against falling, props it up
s/he braces something belonging to h/
supporting, bracing, propping up (physically, morally, etc.)
brace, support
it is built sturdily, is braced firmly
s/he makes it rigid, braces it solidly
s/he braces solidly or makes rigid something belonging to h/
(boxer, etc.) s/he takes stance against h/, braces self to fight h/ (also used in reference to arguments, debates, etc.)
s/he is tense, holds self tense or rigid or stiff; s/he braces self; s/he has feeling that s/he is being talked about (and is embarrassed or nervous)
s/he makes h/ rigid, braces h/ solidly
s/he restrains h/ by bracing with arm(s)
prop, brace, support
s/he restrains it by bracing with arm(s)
s/he steadies or braces something belonging to h/ using hand(s)
s/he resists being moved by bracing feet against something
s/he steadies or braces it; s/he fits it with brace
s/he steadies h/, braces h/ using hand (person standing or walking)
s/he steadies it, braces it using hand (upright object)
brace, prop, support
s/he braces it, supports it , props it up
s/he braces, supports, or props up something belonging to h/
s/he braces it by nailing a piece onto it