Entry Definition
s/he tenses suddenly
s/he startles h/ by appearing suddenly
s/he comes to sudden or abrupt stop
it comes to sudden or abrupt stop
all of a sudden, suddenly
s/he lets out great or sudden scream
s/he suddenly comes upon it (something lost or mislaid; something unexpected)
s/he suddenly remembers
s/he gets angry all of a sudden
(weather) it clears suddenly (e.g., after rainshower)
s/he, it gets clean all of a sudden (e.g., rag put in bleach)
s/he comes upon it suddenly or unexpectedly
s/he comes upon h/ suddenly or unexpectedly
s/he suddenly soils self (e.g., from uncontrollable diarrhea)
s/he, it appears suddenly or unexpectedly
s/he, it comes into view flying, appears suddenly flying through the air
(wind) it blows out from behind something (e.g., draft coming into room, wind coming through windbreak), it comes up suddenly
something happens to h/ suddenly or unexpectedly
suddenly, all of a sudden; unexpectedly
s/he brakes it suddenly (car, etc.)
s/he, it stops suddenly
it happens instantly, happens all of a sudden
s/he dies unexpectedly, dies suddenly
suddenly, all of a sudden; unexpectedly
it happens suddenly or spontaneously