Entry Definition
s/he supports h/ by accompanying h/ (e.g., emotionally, spiritually, legally); s/he supports h/ in standing position by standing right next to h/
s/he follows behind; s/he accompanies, escorts, guides
one who comes right behind, the very next one; one who accompanies; (hunting, fishing) guide
s/he follows close behind h/; accompanies h/, escorts h/, guides h/
s/he sleeps in someone else's house so that person won't be alone
s/he goes away with other(s)
s/he goes away accompanying h/
s/he arrives accompanied by it, arrives accompanying it
s/he arrives accompanying h/
s/he goes around with h/, accompanies h/; (dating) s/he goes out with h/
with, along with, together with; accompanying; participating in, taking part in
it is included, it accompanies
s/he accompanies h/, goes around with h/; (as euphemism) s/he has sexual intercourse with h/