Entry Definition
Japanese woman
s/he turns self into woman
(girl, boy, man) s/he does woman's work
(behavior, clothing, etc.) something pertaining to woman, something female or feminine
women's house
women's bathroom or outhouse
s/he is a woman
she becomes a woman; she gets her first period; (man) he turns into a woman
(man, boy, young girl) s/he behaves like woman
(man, boy, young girl) s/he walks like woman
Irish woman
white woman, Englishwoman
mature woman, adult woman; great woman
brave woman
she is brave woman
old woman
American woman
flirtatious woman, sexually provocative woman
Mi'kmaq woman
(girl) she behaves like woman before she is physically mature; she goes through puberty early
devilish woman
black woman, African-American woman
woman friend of a woman; (term of address used by woman to speak to another woman, especially an older woman) lady, my dear
woman with extraordinary spiritual power