Entry Definition
(wild animal) s/he is shy, hides when people come near
s/he hesitates out of shyness
s/he is shy, s/he holds self as if s/he has low self-esteem
s/he is tearfully embarrassed or shy, is so embarrassed that s/he cries
s/he is shy, stands back, cowers, blenches
s/he is shy with h/, feels embarrassed with h/ (e.g., too shy to talk to h/)
s/he is shy; s/he is ashamed, is embarrassed
shy woman or girl
(girl, woman) she is shy
shy boy or man
(man, boy) he is shy
s/he makes embarrassed or shy face, s/he blushes
s/he stands shyly
s/he feels shy
s/he can barely move; s/he is shy