Entry Definition
s/he arrives hurriedly, arrives at that moment
s/he arrives from there
s/he, it arrives, approaches
s/he is late, arrives late
s/he walks in late, arrives late
s/he arrives early
s/he lands, arrives by boat where water is shallow (not at dock), s/he runs canoe ashore; s/he arrives by train, bus, car
s/he approaches or arrives swiftly (e.g., by car, sled, bike)
arriving, upon arrival, reaching; becoming
winter is coming, winter has arrived
s/he makes way toward there little by little
s/he comes or arrives looking for h/
s/he comes or arrives looking for it
s/he comes to tell lies, comes and tells lies
rain approaches or arrives, it starts to rain here
s/he arrives walking hurriedly
s/he brings h/, arrives carrying h/
s/he approaches or arrives paddling or rowing
s/he foresees or anticipates h/ arrival; s/he expects h/; s/he wills h/ to arrive
s/he foresees or anticipates it arrival; s/he expects it; s/he wills it to arrive
the shock of it (impact, explosion, etc.) arrives or reaches there
(thunder, etc.) the shock of h/ arrives, reaches there
s/he arrives or approaches flying
s/he arrives accompanied by it, arrives accompanying it
s/he approaches or arrives with others