The Ant Story

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:22 I… nomiya yaq waht etoli-epeskomalicihi He sees them playing ball
00:25 yet okamok. across the water.
00:27 Nita. Uh-oh.
00:28 Tan-na nekom 'toli-kisi-wici-epeskoman? How can he go play ball with them, too?
00:32 Solahki-te nomiyan wenil waht Suddenly he sees someone
00:34 weckuwi-sukilicil. in the distance paddling toward him.
00:36 Titomon, "Nita. Ipa, ckuwi! He says, "Here's my chance. Hey, come here!
00:39 Ipa ckuwi! Qsokahulin! Hey, come here! Take me across!
00:42 Nil-ona yet nkoti-li, nkoti-wici-epeskom." I want to go over there and join the ballgame."
00:47 I… on tepehlan. And he's taken aboard.
00:48 'Tiyal, "Nita, macehulin. He says to him, "Okay, give me a ride.
00:50 Ktakonutomulonc I'll tell you what it was like
00:51 eleyik waht weciyay." way over there where I'm coming from."
00:55 Tiyal, "Kehtol-al." The other one tells him, "Okay."
00:56 I… macahaniya. They set off.
00:58 Mahkiyewossis 'pomiyaniya, They go on for a little way,
01:00 on solahki-te 'tiyal, "Nita, and all of a sudden he says to him, "Well,
01:03 toqc ehta then, so
01:04 akonutomuwin!" tell me a story!"
01:07 "Temonu. "Just a minute.
01:09 Pol nkotuwi-wtom." I have to smoke first."
01:11 I… on yaq muskehlan utomakonol. And he takes out his pipe.
01:13 I… nit-al yaq qeneyossit. It was this short, they say.
01:16 On yaq 'pitsonosin, And he fills it,
01:19 'posqolehtoman, utoman. he lights up, he smokes.
01:22 I… he lights up, he smokes.
01:23 pemi-sukit 'tiyal, "Nita, Suddenly the paddler says to him, "Hey,
01:26 ntolitahasihpon kotuwakonutomuwi. I thought you were going to tell me a story.
01:29 Keka-te waht kpeciyapon." We're almost there."
01:31 "Temonu. Pol ntahcuwi-woliya nutomakon." "Just a minute. I have to clean my pipe."
01:35 I… on wihqehlan utomakonol, uliyan. And he takes his pipe, cleans it.
01:37 I… 'kisi-woli-punan. He put it away.
01:40 'Tiyal, "Nita, akonutomuwin ehta!" The other one says, "Hey, tell me the story!"
01:41 'Tiyal, "Temonu, pol ehta ntahcuwi-soniq. He says, "Wait, I have to blow my nose.
01:45 Ntahcuwi pol soniq." I have to blow my nose first."
01:47 Muskehtun yut, He takes out this [rag],
01:49 elikok yaq, an ugly thing, they say,
01:52 on memhuwi-soniqin. and blows his nose as hard as he can.
01:53 Yet memhuwi-soniqit, And when he blows his nose,
01:55 on wakaw 'tomiqessin. the poor thing's head flies off.
01:56 Ma-te kisacomiw. He can't tell a story.
01:59 Nit-te psiw. That's all.


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