The baby has to eat

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00:01 Wen-olu wewitahatok Who remembers
00:03 mecimiw... mecimiw being pregnant,
00:05 wen kinhokat, tan-ote and you got fed
00:06 wen wehqapiyat 'soma? wherever you went?
00:09 Ma-te nit wen wewitahatomuwon? No one remembers that?
00:10 Cu. Cu. Yes, I do.
00:11 Mecimiw my mother tamahc, tama My mother was fed when
00:16 etolahsomut keti-iywat neke she was going to have Barbara,
00:18 Barbarawol. Tan-ote wehqapiyayek. wherever we went.
00:22 Neket keti-iywuk, iya, When I was going to have Patty
00:23 Patty -- kehs nit? -- how long ago was that?
00:25 43 years ago? 43 years ago?
00:29 Tan-ote eliyayin Wherever you went
00:31 wikuwamok Sipayik, to a house at Sipayik,
00:33 ksomk. you were fed.
00:34 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:35 Cu keq kmilken. You had to be given something.
00:38 Geez, ma-te wen kotuhpiw, Geez, no one went hungry.
00:39 "Na, mits, mits. Cuwi-mitsu wasis." "Here, eat! Eat! The baby has to eat."
00:42 Iya, iya, leyu. Yes, true indeed.


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