Carlton's Story

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:06 Neket keti-graduate-uwi A long time ago, when I was going to graduate
00:10 from eighth grade, from eighth grade,
00:13 ma nmilkewon, iyey, I wasn't given
00:15 my diploma. my diploma.
00:18 Ntama? You weren't?
00:19 Eli skat... tehpu skat, iyey, It was just because
00:21 api-witimiyaw. I hadn't gone to church.
00:22 Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!
00:36 Wenik kiluwaw mawokehkimkiyeq, Who were you in school with,
00:38 etuceyultiyeq? the ones your age?
00:42 Yut-te nila... There was me...
00:45 Kceyawiwok ehta. There were a lot of them.
00:47 Peck, Climant, Pip... Peck, Climant, Pip...
00:51 On-ote kiluwaw tokec. Now it's just the rest of you.
00:53 Nil kisokonuwi? Am I the one who dealt?
00:55 Aha, knomiyul. Yes, I saw you.
00:58 Tommy Tinka. Tommy Tinker.
00:59 Aha. Yes.
01:05 Wenik-olu kelsok? And who were the girls?
01:09 Linda? Linda?
01:10 Aha. Cu. Yes. Yes, she was.
01:13 - Cu. - Yes, she was.
01:15 Keq... You didn't get a diploma? What... You didn't get a diploma?
01:16 No. No.
01:17 Nwitokehkimk yut. I went to school here.


Capture Date 2010-12-14
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