Like Checking for Nits

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:03 Tepitahamuk. When I think about them...
00:06 Ipa yukk, Look at these berries,
00:11 ipa yukk, wahte, look at them over there,
00:12 u, akiyan yukk. just look at them!
00:14 Etutapskosihtit. These berries are so big!
00:16 'Kisomawa cel kis. They've eaten them already.
00:19 Eniqsok 'kisomawa, The ants have eaten them,
00:22 'sami cinopuwok, because they're low and
00:25 on eniqsok mahaniya the ants eat them.
00:32 Ansa wen etolapqeniket. Picking berries is like checking for nits.
00:38 Etolapqeniket wen. Someone checking for nits.
00:41 Iya. Yes.
00:46 Kat-olu wen en ci olluhket Yes. Of course, when you're working,
00:48 nit-te wen keq piluwey mihqitahasin. then you think about other things.
00:50 Aha. Yes.
00:52 Nit-te wen elapqeniket... That's how you checked for nits...
00:55 mecimiw. a long time ago.
00:58 Psonamkopu. You'd be covered with them.
01:00 Psonamkopu cel... - You'd be covered with them...
01:02 psi-te psonamkopu wasis... a child would be full of them...
01:06 'ci-macekiman. he'd be sent away.
01:09 Psi kal-ote wen macekimass. Everyone was sent away.
01:16 Cuwi-apolahsatpemusan. He'd have to have his head completely shaved,
01:21 Ktomaki. poor thing.
01:22 - Ktomaki, - Poor thing.
01:25 iya, mecimiw. Back then...
01:32 Nehe, lancinuwultine. Well, let's eat lunch.
01:34 Mitsultine. Let's eat.


Capture Date 2010-09-22
Video Length 01:32
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