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00:01 Chloe kahk, ktiyali-kiluwahtun Chloe now, are you looking around
00:03 tama sokiyin, Chloe? for somewhere to pee?
00:05 Hey, mus skilahkoc nikk! Hey, don't pee on those!
00:08 Mus skitomuwahkoc not ihi... Don't pee on her...
00:12 Nqiluwahan tama weci-kisqepi. I'm looking for berries in a place where I can sit down.
00:15 On kal. I don't know.
00:20 Yut oloqiw, Ti. Over here, Dee.
00:21 Tama? Where?
00:22 Yut oloqiw. Over this way.
00:26 Na, maceptuwan yut posonut. Here, take her this basket.
00:29 Naciptuwin yut posonut, Doll. Go get me that basket, Doll.
00:31 Na. Here.
00:32 Woliwon. Poliluhs ehta! Thanks. Get out of the way!


Capture Date 2010-11-15
Video Length 00:34
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