A deer can hear you coming

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:03 Nilun-olu pihce naka ntatat, Long ago, when [I went hunting] with my father,
00:05 'tekhulal he would hang
00:08 'polakomol his shirt
00:10 kuhusikuwamok. in the barn.
00:12 Nit-te-na Then
00:14 'toqtewakonol ehtek, his clothes would be there, too,
00:16 on-oc naci-atsewan naci-kotunket, and he would change into them for hunting,
00:18 tepot-al ma-te otuhkok, because deer are not
00:22 ma-te nokatomuwoniya elimahsit, iya, frightened by the smell of
00:24 ahahs, you know. a horse, you know.
00:28 On-oc-olu iya, So then,
00:29 cu wen kikimskahsu? does one have to be sure to tread softly?
00:31 U ya. Oh yes.
00:34 Mecimi olokuhse tett oloqiw. He always walks like this.
00:37 Coke. Let me see.
00:38 U, ntaluwi-ihin. Oh, I can't do it.
00:42 Nusami-tkiqol-al eluwe. I must be too heavy, I guess.
00:43 Kusami-pihtom. Your stride is too long.
00:45 U, kekeskoss tehpu? Oh, just little steps?
00:46 Tehpu kekesk. Just little ones.
00:48 Tahalu nit? Like this?
00:49 Iya. Yes.
00:50 Naka-te-na olonaksonok eluwemihtit. And they wore moccasins [back then].
00:54 Because piyemi yuktok Because these make more
00:55 cipokihtaqsuwok katok olonaksonok. noise than moccasins.
00:59 Aha, nit naka ntatat elokehkimit. Yes, and that's what my father taught me.
01:01 Iya. Yes.
01:03 Nuhsuwaphot otuhk, When you track a deer,
01:04 mecimi-te tett ktoloqap. you always look this way.
01:06 And you go this way. And you go this way.
01:08 U, Oh,
01:11 tett oloqiw. that way.
01:11 Tan tuciw kconessin, apc-oc nit. Then you stop every so often, and keep on that way.
01:14 Apc ksakiyan. You watch him.
01:15 See, ma-te kmoteptu. See, you don't make a sound with your feet.
01:16 Nitok. That's right.


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