The Devil was still dancing

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:02 Ntolitahasihpon tehpu I thought they only
00:03 etolokamok 'totoli-nomiyawal. saw him at dances.
00:06 Naka yaq eci-wolapewit. And he was so handsome.
00:07 Aha, Yes,
00:09 aha, etolokamok. yes, at the dances.
00:11 Nil-ona kis nutomon. I've heard that one before.
00:12 Nuhkomoss nit nkisakonutomakun My grandmother told me the one
00:13 etolokamok. about the dance.
00:14 Eci-wolapewit yaq wot skitap This man who came in was
00:16 sakhi-ksahat. so handsome.
00:19 Eci-'tawkat. He knew how to dance really well.
00:20 Wenil al-lu kisi nisukamats. He must have been dancing with someone.
00:24 Ma-te knutomuwon You didn't hear
00:25 wenil kisi-nisukamat? whom he was dancing with?
00:27 Nama. No.
00:28 Nuhkomoss itom elinaqsihtit ehpicik, My grandmother said there were
00:30 eci-wolapewit wot skitap, a lot of women there,
00:32 nit-te ehpicik and the man was so handsome that
00:33 psi-te 'kotuwokamaniya. the women all wanted to dance with him.
00:34 Itom, on wot pesq skitap She said that this one man,
00:36 elapit pemsokhasik nomihtuwan, when he looked at the floor,
00:39 iyey... Ipa, ntaluwiwihtomon. saw his... Hey, I can't say it.
00:42 'Qat ansa ahahs. His foot like a horse's.
00:44 Ahahs 'qat. A horse's foot.
00:45 Itom, nit-te yaq 'tolomi-kakawi-qasqin She said that right away he
00:47 imiyewikuwamok naciphan pahtoliyasol. ran off to the church to get the priest.
00:49 Aha. Yes.
00:51 Itom, 'tapaciyan, mec-ote yaq She said that he got back there
00:54 not etolokat Wahant. Itom, tehpu and the Devil was still dancing.
00:56 qeni-lahkewat nit 'samaqan. Itom, He just threw holy water on him, she said,
00:58 nit-te etoli-ksihkassit pemsokhasik. and he disappeared into the floor.
01:01 That's right. Nit-ona nwewitahatomon. That's right. I remember that, too.
01:04 Ntiyahpon, "Mehsi nit leyik, uhkomi?" I asked her, "Why did that happen, Grandma?"
01:07 Itom, 'sami... keq nit, She said it was
01:08 Lentuwiw yaq nit neke. because it was Lent,
01:11 Itom, ma-te wen supposed to be, iyey... and no one was supposed to be...
01:13 ...'tiyalkan. ...dancing.
01:14 'Tiyalkan, naka, iyey, No dancing, and
01:16 tolehpok. no cards.
01:18 Ma wen kisamkew. Ma-na wen No one can play cards. And no one
01:20 kisi-yalkaw tan eci Lentuwimok. can dance during Lent.
01:21 Ma-te keq wen kisi-olluhkew. You can't do anything.
01:24 Tehpu wen imiye. Just pray.


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