Do You Want to Sing

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:01 Keq nit pokhulakon? What is pokhulakon?
00:02 Kat-olu drum. Drum, of course.
00:04 Etucintultiyek-oc. We'll sing up a storm.
00:08 Eci-wolomomqahk. It feels so good.
00:10 Nit elomolsi, That's how I feel,
00:12 apc. [when I drum] again.
00:13 Kpeciyamkun? Does it come to you?
00:15 Kpeciyamkun en-ci ... It comes to you when...
00:16 No, pihce-te nit, iyey, nkoti-olluhkan. No, I've been wanting to do it for a long time.
00:19 U, qin-ote? Oh, really?
00:21 Mesq kpeci-kisehtuwon ktoluhkan? Mesq nita, iya. You just haven't been able to do it yet? Not yet.
00:24 Mesq kpeci-kisehtuwon You haven't yet been able
00:25 ansa-te ktolintun. to sing just so.
00:27 Qenoq kotuwint? But you want to sing?
00:29 Ya. 'Tawintuwan. Yes. If I can sing well.
00:32 Cu knihtawint pawatomon; You will be able sing well if you want to;
00:34 cu-oc ... you'll be ...
00:38 Nisikotok ntolintuwatomonen; We sang it for two years,
00:40 ntahtoli-minuwintuwatomonen yut. we kept singing it over and over.
00:42 'Sami ma-te knonomuwonol kotokil. Because you didn't know any others.
00:43 Tehpu yut. Just this one.
00:45 Ipa tpostomun. Just listen to it.
02:04 Mesq nmacetuwiyew. Before I fly away.


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