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00:21 Yut-ona eli-pispekek yut Wisiyahqesisk. This is the inlet here, Wisiyahqesisk.
00:27 Nit-ona ihtoli-punawhotiyek, That’s where we trapped,
00:29 siqoniw, in the Spring,
00:31 naka ihtoli-naci-kakawomukot, ihik, and where we went to eat lots of black ones [moose],
00:36 mekoseweyicik eci-puwalukot, as much as we wanted,
00:41 naka ihtoli-kotunkahtiyek-ona otuhkok. and where we hunted deer.
00:46 Nit ihtoli-punawhotiyek siqoniw That’s where we trapped at first
00:47 Nit ihtoli-punawhotiyek siqoniw in the spring,
00:49 amsqahs, amsqahs kispohok. as soon as the ice went out.
00:55 Nita, yut-ona toqakuwiw Now, this is where we picked
00:58 nattehmek suwonol. cranberries in the fall.
01:03 Yut kehsok suwonol psi-te lamiw. There are lots of them everywhere in here.
01:09 Nit nattehmek tan-ote kehsi-puwatomek. We picked as many as we wanted there.
01:13 Eci-wolikok. They grew really well.
01:17 Yut-ona eliwihtomek Mile Rock, This is what we call Mile Rock,
01:19 yut-ona ihtoli-punawhotiyek, and we trapped here, too,
01:23 naka ihtoli-kotunkahtiyek. and hunted.
01:28 Yut etoli-nutiyapasihtit nikk This is where the
01:30 mekoseweyicik black ones [moose] would come out
01:33 naka otuhkok, naka nuli-punawhotinen yut. and the deer, and we had good trapping here.
01:41 Yet-ona mecimiw wikultiyek Over there is where we
01:43 monihkuhsisok. used to live on the little island.
01:47 Nita, yut-ona Now, here is
01:48 kisi-pisiyawolotiyek, waht naci, iyey, where we went in,
01:53 ihtolihtehmek, iyey, fiddleheads. to go to pick fiddleheads over there.
02:00 Nit-te npisiyanen toke. We’re going in there now.
02:34 Nit ihtoli-maqahawolotiyek There is where we’d get together
02:39 eci-kotunkahtiyek. when we were hunting.
02:42 Mahsusiyil etolikok yuta. There are fiddleheads growing here.
02:58 Eci-wolikok yehtol pesqonul. Some of these are really nice.
03:01 Nihtol. Those ones.
03:03 Apsokihqonul kenuk yuhtol. But these are little.
03:06 Elkihqahk yuhtol, Dave. These are really big, Dave.
03:10 Yuhtol kotokil. Here are some others.
03:16 Tapi-kotunotunol kis yut wen. Someone’s already been picking here.
03:26 Messunomuwan. Show it to him.
03:30 On yaka-oc ktepehtun. And then put it back in!
03:32 Kehsi-pawatomon yuhtol? How many of these do you want?
03:34 Tehpu elahqosi. Just enough for me to cook.
03:46 Kpeciptunol, iyey, ksisqeyal? Did you bring your eyeglasses?
03:48 Npeciptunol. I brought them.
03:54 Pat! Pat!
04:00 Nit-ona sipuhsis That brook
04:03 sakhiye comes out
04:05 right there? right there?
04:06 Pqapit yet etoli-kisalket. A beaver has been digging there.
04:11 Psi-te alaptu nit psi-te. He’s left his tracks all around, everywhere.
04:15 Wetaptaq mus. Moose tracks.
04:17 Nit-te tuciye mus, tette oloqiye. A moose went by there, then went that way.
04:21 Waht-ote eli-te… Over there he…
04:25 tuci-qasku yut. he ran by here.
04:26 Yut-te tuci-qasku wot mus. Here’s where the moose ran by.
04:31 Kisi-ksokassu yet sipuk, He crossed the river,
04:32 tette oloqiye, went that way,
04:34 etoli-te waht ewepi ihik over there where the ground
04:38 skitkomiq. rises.
04:44 Naka pqapit-ona yet-ona psonaptu. And there, too, it’s full of beaver tracks.
04:51 Kinkil? A big one?
04:52 Na kinaptu yet pqapit. The beaver left big tracks.
04:55 Yut nit wetalket, ipa. Here’s where he was digging, see?
05:00 Iyey, eci-tkiqolok wot, iyey… This [moose] was very heavy…
05:03 naka ’talahkahamin. and he was limping.
05:07 Naci-wolitahasu waht, ewepiw. He’s going to be happy up there,over that way.
05:36 ’Sami nit mecimiw ihtolaqhotihtit, ihik, Because that’s where they used to cook,
05:38 nuttihikhotihtit kcihkuk. where the men were cutting trees in the woods.
05:48 Ihtolahqetpon, iya, That’s where
05:50 Georgie Big John. Georgie Big John cooked.
05:53 On neket itom, itom nit And back then he said that
05:56 puniw, in the winter,
05:57 naciptaqsamaqan, when he went to get water,
05:59 on yaq ’tahtoli-poneqahke wen opanis, and someone would drop pieces of bread down,
06:01 itom kehsit nit… he said there were lots of…
06:02 Skuhtomuk. — Skuhtomuk. Trout. — …trout.
06:05 Cu-al-lu ’pothawa. They must have caught them.
06:08 Naka nkisi-nsotuhmuwan-na And I told him where
06:10 mecimiw, iyey, I used to make a
06:11 etolihtu lean-to lean-to in the
06:14 siqoniw. springtime.
06:23 Kisi-ktoqonultiyiq neke, iyey, [Remember] when we stayed over
06:24 ketunkahtiyiq that time we were hunting,
06:29 eci-tkeyik. how cold it was.
06:32 Neket ma-te nteptehmuwonewinnul wood. We didn’t cut enough wood.
06:34 Piwsokul. Firewood.
06:36 ’Tawi-siktewocin wen. We sure knew how to be cold!
06:38 One o’clock in the morning, One o’clock in the morning,
06:39 nilun Clayton waht tehsaqopiyek oposik Clayton and I were way up in a tree,
06:41 etoli-tomtehmek yut top! cutting the top off it!
06:51 Ma-te Clayton kisi-ckuhyew? Couldn’t Clayton come [today]?
06:52 Nama, he was taking a nap. No, he was taking a nap.
06:57 Ma-te kisi tama oliyew. He can’t go anywhere.
07:51 Tapiptunol kinaq weli-kisihpit He got at least enough for a good feed…
07:54 Tan kehsi-tkiqon yuhtol? How much do these weigh?
07:56 Oh, they must be, what, five pounds? Oh, they must be, what, five pounds?
08:01 Apc another bucket nkisi-psonehla. And I filled another bucket.
08:04 Mecimiw-olu tan? But how many did you used to get?
08:06 Tan-ote kehsi-puwatok wen. As much as one wanted.
08:08 Yut-te wecuwaw, kosona pihcetu? Was it nearby, or far away?
08:11 Wecuwawoss-ote. — Wecuwawoss. Right nearby.
08:12 Ma-te wen pihcewsew. No one wants to walk far.
08:15 Nit-te sonuciw. There along the shore.
08:17 Yut-te wen altihike, You pick them here,
08:18 yut-oloqiw kotama? Nama. not over this way? — No.
08:20 Tehpu tett oloqiw? — Ya. Just over that way?
08:21 Waht-ote, ihik, nsipumok. Up there at my spot.
08:23 Keq cel nit ’toliwihtomon What was it that your Dad
08:25 ktatat mecimiw, Masqewsisk? used to call it, Masqewsis?
08:27 Masqewsisk waht oloqiw Little River. Masqewsis is up toward Little River.
08:32 Nit-ona mecimiw uskuhutomon nekom. That’s the place he used to talk about.
08:36 Qenoq ma-te wenil keq ’tiyawon. But your Dad wouldn’t tell anyone
08:37 Tehpuhc itom wen, "Ntosipumok." anything. People said, "At my spot."
08:42 Sokas-ona mecimiw Cigar would never
08:43 ma-te keq ntakonutomaku. tell me anything, either.
08:45 Ma-te knostomakuwon. He wouldn’t tell you.
08:46 Tehpuhc itom, "Oh, waht, tett oloqiw," He’d just say, "Way over there,"
08:48 ewehket woniyakon. using his head.
08:53 Nil-ona nkotuhpin. I’m hungry.
08:55 Yahan ehta toqc kiyasqi. Tell him that’s enough already.
09:00 Time to eat, I think. Time to eat, I think.
09:03 Time to go cook. Time to go cook.
09:04 Well, nita, kci-woliwon ehta. Well, then, thanks very much.
09:08 Temonu-te nit-te kisaqotek Later on, as soon as they’re cooked
09:09 npawatomon-oc wen motehtihikan. I want someone to knock at my door.
09:10 Kociciyipa wiki. You know where I live.
09:13 Nit-tehc-ona nil tehpuhc qeni-laqosuk And meanwhile I’ll be cooking
09:16 tumahsis, fry-bread,
09:17 on-oc ktaqami-kulihpultinen. then we’ll really be eating well.
09:19 Apc-oc ehta Good-bye, then.
09:20 Apc-oc. Good-bye.


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