At First, I Didn't Like the Looks of Him

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:09 Mehciponoltimok yaka kil kpeci. You came here after the war.
00:15 Neke nutomat Spike, peciye. When she came, she heard about Spike.
00:19 Kis knonawotipass? Did you already know each other?
00:21 Mesqa? Ntama? Not yet? No?
00:23 Amsqahs-ote nemiyutiyeq? It was the first time you saw each other?
00:26 Amsqahs-ote nemiyuk The first time I saw him was
00:27 in the poolroom. in the poolroom.
00:31 Itom Tusis, "Akiyan yat kuskitapem." Tusis said, "Look at your man over there."
00:35 Qin-ote? Really?
00:36 Aha, ntiyahpon not-op-al elikit. Yes. I said, "No, the likes of him will not do."
00:45 Ma-al-ote ktolitahasiw. You probably didn't think.
00:46 Elomiyek-ote nwitapehtipon. After a while we got friendly.
00:51 Etoli-mocinuwukpon. At first, I didn't like the looks of him.
00:56 'Toluhkewaponil ipocol Tusis poolroom-ok. Tusis was working for him in the poolroom.
00:59 Uhkey, ya. Okay.
01:04 Naka ktahcuwi-papehcikes, And did you have to ask
01:07 "Mec-op-al nkisi-nipuwama wot?" permission to marry her?
01:09 Kosona Or did
01:10 kiluwaw-ote kisitahatomoniya you two decide to get married
01:11 knipuwiniya; and didn't
01:12 ma-te ktahcuwi-papehcikesihpa, have to ask permission
01:13 kiseltomakeniya. from anyone?
01:14 Ma-te... Nkisi-papehcima. No... I asked her.
01:17 Ma-te wen papehcimot. There was no one for you to ask.
01:19 Nkisi-papehcima kuhutik. I asked her in bed,
01:23 Itom, "Aha." and she said yes.
01:29 Ma-te-na pahtoliyas Didn't you have
01:29 ktahcuwi-ahkinuwehtuwawiwass? to notify the priest?
01:32 Neket kahk pahtoliyas kis peciyehpon. The priest was here already.
01:34 Cu, nkisi-situwikhusipon. Yes, we filed papers.
01:37 Nkotuwi-nipuwiponuhpon We were going to get married
01:38 the thirteenth. on the thirteenth.
01:41 Father Sam itom, Father Sam said,
01:46 "Friday is, iyey, bad luck." "Friday is bad luck."
01:50 Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th.
01:51 U, qin-ote? Oh, really?
01:52 Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th.
01:55 Itom, "Kamot ktaskuwasiniya He said, "You'd better wait until
01:58 the next day." the next day."
02:03 The 14th. The 14th.
02:04 Nit neket npapehciman Kiqs, A while back I asked Kiqs,
02:07 ntiyahpon, "Nkoti-nipuwipon Cora." I said, "Cora and I want to get married."
02:08 Itom, "Tan-ote kiluwaw." He said, "Well, that's your business."
02:18 Nit-te msiw. That was all.
02:21 Miya-te nit Valentine's Day neket. That was on Valentine's Day.
02:24 February the 14th, Valentine's Day. February the 14th, Valentine's Day.
02:26 Qin-ote? Really?
02:29 Sixty years. Sixty years.
02:31 Sixty, iya, ah sixty-three. Sixty, yes, sixty-three.
02:34 Sixty. Sixty.
02:35 - Sixty years, iya. - Sixty years, yes.
02:40 Ma-te ktolintuwewaw tan tuciw, Do you sing to her sometimes,
02:41 "Sixty years with the wrong woman"? "Sixty years with the wrong woman"?
02:53 Naka ntatat... And my father...
02:54 Nuteliqehtohoq-op. She would kick me out.
02:58 ... every anniversary ... every anniversary
03:00 'tolintuwewal nmamamol, he would sing to my mother,
03:02 "Thirty years with the wrong woman." "Thirty years with the wrong woman."
03:06 They were married about fifty years. They were married about fifty years.
03:13 Kulelomoq. You're lucky.
03:15 Six years nutehtuhukiyan. I got kicked out after six years.
03:19 Amsqahsewey. The first one.
03:22 Itom, "Nuteliqews!" She said, "You get the heck out of here!"
03:25 Kisintuwewass kal. You must have sung to her.


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