Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:01 Naka mecimiw Muhmum And Grampy used to
00:02 ktoliphukunen, ihik, sitomok. take us to the shore.
00:04 Kat-olu. That's right.
00:05 Meciwiw psi-te keq, iyey, He used to [show us] everything
00:08 ktotoli-messunomakunen eli-kisotomuhtihiq. show us what was edible.
00:12 Aha, kat-olu, yes. Yes that's right, yes.
00:14 Naka And
00:16 kwewitahatomon kisi, iyey... do you remember when
00:21 api-naciphukot stahqonuk? we went to get the trees?
00:24 Psi-te kilun, psi-te wen yat-te wen stahqonumol. All of us, each of us had her own tree.
00:28 Aha, iya. Yes, yes.
00:29 Naka And
00:30 kisi-wicuhkemkunen weci-kisi, iyey... he helped us to...
00:34 ... macekonukot. ... plant it.
00:35 - ... macekonukot. - ... plant it.
00:36 Mec-ote nit 'tihiniya, qenuk. They are still there, however.
00:37 Mec-ote 'tihiniya? They're still there?
00:38 Mec-ote mine opuwok. Mine are still there.
00:39 Kis mace-apolahseyuwok qenuk. But they are getting really bare.
00:41 Kat-olu. That's right.
00:41 Eli-winter. Because it's winter.
00:42 Iya Yes.
00:43 Toqakuwiw. It's fall.
00:44 Iya. Yes.
00:44 Kenuk mecimi-te itom, But he used to tell us,
00:49 "Mecimi-te wen, iyey, "You always
00:50 tehpu only
00:52 keq ketuwuwehkiyin nit knaciptun. take what you will use.
00:56 Skat kotuwuwehkewon, If you're not going to use it,
00:58 mus ckuwiptuhkoc." don't bring it home."
01:00 Iya. Yes.
01:01 Nit-te nil mecimiw nil wewitahasi. That's what I always remember.
01:03 Iya. Yes.
01:04 Well, ma kisi wen kinkuhkew. Well, you can't be greedy.
01:06 Nama, ntama. No, no, you can't.
01:08 Naka, iyey, eci... And...
01:10 kwewitahatomon eci mecimiw, iyey, do you remember how
01:12 'tawi-cikawiyinokot? he used to tease us?
01:14 Muhmum? Grampy?
01:15 Kat-olu. That's right.
01:15 Naka eci-nokalukot. And how afraid we were of him.
01:17 I know it, I know it,
01:18 ntolitahasihpon elkilok, I thought that he was so big,
01:19 naka elkilsossi. and I was so small.
01:21 Elkilok, nit sehket, He was so big, when he stood there,
01:23 nit-te lahtetul 'pihtinol. his hands were like this.
01:25 Kat-olu. That's right.
01:26 Ntolitahasin, u, ipa not elkilok skitap. I thought, what a big man he is.
01:28 Nakahc 'titomon, And he would say,
01:29 "Knomihtun yut ptoqilc?" "Do you see this fist?"
01:31 Aha. Yes.
01:32 Wahtalokittiyessultuwok. They were out of sight in a flash!
01:37 Nit nekom kisokehkimit He was the one who taught me
01:39 weci-ksitahatom skitkomiq. to be mindful of the earth.
01:42 Aha, cipotu. Yes, maybe.
01:43 'Sami, iyey... Because...
01:44 ... nilun ma ntopostuwawin. ... we didn't listen to him.
01:46 Ma ktopostuwaw, nama. No, you didn't listen to him.


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