He Taught Us Not To Think Poorly of People

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:00 Mecimiw Governor Muskie. Governor Muskie used to
00:04 Peci-witimiye He came to attend church
00:06 nakahc nacihpin nemaht. and he would eat at the house.
00:07 Kat-olu, iya. That's right, yes.
00:08 On Muhmum 'suksahqahan. Grampy would cook for him.
00:10 Nit-tehc nekom 'suksahqahan. And he would cook for him.
00:12 Iya. Yes.
00:12 Naka mecimi-te And he always
00:14 ktokehkimkunen skat wen, iyey, taught us not to
00:16 nutatahamawonewin. think poorly of anyone.
00:17 Nama. No.
00:18 Tan ci wen yali-sputsuwit. When someone is drinking.
00:20 Itom, "Nikk-ote-na, iyey, He would say, "They
00:22 pomasuwinuwok niktok. are human beings, too.
00:24 Mus, iyey, malikimahkoc, Don't make fun of them,
00:25 'sami nit elomikotok because in the future
00:28 nit-oc kil elessihin." it will happen to you."
00:31 Tepot, iyey... So...
00:33 mecimi-- Ktomaki-Melvin, he used to-- Poor Melvin,
00:35 'kisimal Melvinol. he scolded Melvin.
00:36 'Sami 'totoli-malikimal because he was making fun of
00:37 wot skitapiyil. this man.
00:38 Ma nkoti, iyey, I don't want to...
00:39 ma nkoti-itomuwon keq liwisu. I'm not going to say what his name was.
00:41 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:43 'Tiyal, He told him,
00:45 "Nit-te kcostaqsin, "You just keep quiet,
00:47 'sami, iyey, ma nit wen 'tolimawon nihtol. because you don't say such things about anyone.
00:51 Ktomakitahaman notta." Feel sorry for him."
00:54 Nit-te wot iya... Then right away he...
00:56 On wot, iya, 'costaqsin Melvin. And right away Melvin kept quiet.
01:00 Eci-woli-ciksotuwat, ihil, Muhmumol. He really listened to Grampy.


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