Her Feet Were Sticking to the Floor

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00:01 Nkisi-kospahtahsuwewan, iya, I washed floors for
00:05 nuhkomoss mossisol. my grandmother's older sister.
00:08 Ntahcuwi-kospahtahs, 'sami, ihik, I had to do it, because
00:11 koti-natamiyik yuktok, ihik, they were going to go fishing, these
00:16 skinuhsisok. boys.
00:17 I... nil nkotuwiphoqan natamiyik. Eee... I wanted to go fishing with them.
00:19 "Nama, ktahcuwi-kospahtahs." "No, you have to wash the floor."
00:22 Nwisalokittiyenaqsin, I was in such a hurry
00:24 elalokittiyehpusi ali-kospahtahsi. I just shook [the mop] at the floor to wash it.
00:27 Ntiyahpon, "Kis, kis nkisi-kospahtahs." I told her, "I'm done, I'm done, I've washed the floor."
00:29 Naka yukk skinuhsisok itomuk, And the boys said,
00:31 "Wisanaqs! Nit-te nilun nmacahanen." "Hurry up! We're leaving."
00:32 Ntiyaponik, "Temonu, temonu. And I told them, "Just a minute, just a minute.
00:33 Skuhyin, skuhyin!" Wait for me! Wait for me!"
00:36 Yet sakhiyat, iya, Then in came
00:38 nuhkomoss mossisol. Itom, my grandmother's sister. She said,
00:39 nuhkomoss mossisol. Itom, my grandmother's sister. She said,
00:40 "Ma nit kisi-woli-kospahtuwon. "You didn't wash it right.
00:43 Ktahcuwi apc nit kospahtun." You have to wash it again."
00:45 Ntiyahpon, "Psi-te?" I said to her, "The whole thing?"
00:46 Itom, "Aha, psi-te, She said, "Yes, all of it,
00:48 on yaka kisi-nutahan." and then you can go out."
00:51 Ma wen kisi-asitewtomu. You couldn't answer back.
00:53 Nama. - No.
00:54 Ktahcuwi-olluhk ahcuwi-olluhkiyin, You had to do what you had to do,
00:56 on yaka keq kisi-olluhkan then you could do something
00:59 keti-pawatomon. you wanted to.
01:00 Iya. Yes.
01:02 Apc nit ntahcuwi-kospahtahsin. I had to wash it again.
01:04 Nit nil yalotemi, "Nkoti nikk I was crying, "They're going to
01:06 nokolokuk weckuwi-kospahtahsi." leave me while I'm washing the floor!"
01:10 Itom niktok nitapiyik, My friends said,
01:13 "We're going. "We're going.
01:14 Natamepon nilun. Yut-te kil illiqan, We're going fishing. You stay right here,
01:16 ktoli-kospahtahs." washing the floor."
01:18 ktoli-kospahtahs." right here and wash the floor."
01:19 Ntotoli-kospahtahsin weckuwotemi. I was washing the floor and crying at the same time.
01:23 Eci-woli-pehkikok Boy was it clean,
01:25 pemsokhas. that floor.
01:27 I... eci-paliqewit not, iya, Eee... she was so proud,
01:29 nuhkomoss 'sistalomol, mossisomol. my grandmother's sister.
01:32 "Aha, eci-woli-pehkikok nita." "Yes, that's very clean."
01:36 I... ntolomiyane somsoq, Eee... I went upstairs,
01:38 naskatahasiyan. so discouraged.
01:41 Knokolokuk? They left you behind?
01:42 Cuwi. They had to.
01:43 Ktahcuwi-olluhk ahcuwi-olluhkiyin, You have to do what you have to do,
01:44 on yaka kisi-naci-yalayyan then you can go play
01:46 kosona keq keti-ollukiyin. or whatever you want to do.
01:47 Not ehtaneke, iya, Rosiw. And there was Rosie.
01:51 Aunt Rose? Aunt Rose?
01:54 On pemsokhasuweyal ihil... And her floors were...
01:56 well, oposiyeyal pemsokhas. well, it was a wood floor.
01:58 Ntiyalapekin nit; I crawled around on it;
02:00 eci-wisahki I was in such a hurry,
02:03 cel ma, iyey, nkascokihpulaw not soap. and I didn't get that soap off.
02:07 Weci-maceliqahay kisapenkuwit. I took off quickly after she paid me.
02:11 On nmosimkun. And she told on me.
02:12 Iya. Yes.
02:13 Itom nikuwoss, My mother said,
02:14 itom, "Yali-kolcoqetul 'qatol, she said, "Her feet are getting sticky,
02:15 iya, Rose Burns Rose Burns,
02:17 wikuwak." in her house."
02:20 Ntahcuwi nit motapahan I had to go down there and
02:21 naka naci-minuwi-kospahtahsin. wash the floors all over again.
02:24 Gee, Gee,
02:25 yali-wisahkiyin. you were in a hurry!
02:26 Ma-te keq li-koluwotu wen 'tali-wisahkan. It never pays to hurry.
02:28 Nama. No.
02:30 - Nama. - No
02:32 Ali-kolcoqek 'qatol! Her feet were sticking to the floor!


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