Here Comes the Snake

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:00 Okiya, geez, oh baby! Wowee! Geez. Oh baby!
00:03 Alokittiyena, Holy cow,
00:05 temonu tama sakhatokiyahsu. He'll come wriggling out somewhere any minute now.
00:07 Ipa, akiyan! Wait. Look!
00:09 Hah? Huh?
00:09 Temonu sakhatokiye athusoss. A snake will show up any minute now.
00:11 U ya, Oh yeah,
00:12 nit-tehc nmaciyalokittiyephuwan. then I'll run the hell away.
00:13 Sakhatokiye athusoss. Here comes the snake.
00:14 Ma-tehc ntapaciyaw yut nil. I won't be coming back.
00:18 Sakhatokessit, forget it. If a snake shows up, forget it!
00:21 Tan-otehc eli-wewalokittiyeqasqi. I'll run wherever I can manage to.
00:24 Kakawi-masqolamiyin. And screaming out loud.
00:25 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:26 Nit-tehp askomot. That'd be the end of it.
00:28 Ncuwihp malikima. I'd have to make fun of her.
00:30 On yakahp nwicuhkeman. And then I'd help her.


Capture Date 2010-08-27
Video Length 00:33
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