How We Got Our Land Back: It Hasn't Been Written From an Indian's Point of View

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00:16 Ma-te-na tama wikhasiw It hasn't been written anywhere
00:18 skicin eli-nomihtaq– from an Indian point of view–
00:20 tahaluhp psiw yut—tehpu like all this—
00:22 ewikhasik kis ikolisoman eli-nomihtaq just what the white man sees.
00:25 Yet kete wikhikonol For example,
00:27 kisuwikhasuwol. Iya, there have been books written.
00:29 keq not liwisu? What's his name?
00:32 Kisihtun book. He wrote a book.
00:34 Mecimiw legislature iyu. He used to be in the legislature.
00:36 Neil Rolde, olu. It was Neil Rolde.
00:39 Kat-olu neket Of course, at that time…
00:40 Kisuwikhok nit, iyey, land claims. He wrote about the land claims.
00:43 Nekom tehpu nit eli-nomihtaq, That was just how he saw it,
00:46 ma kahk kilun. not us.
00:47 Ma-te, iyey, No, it was
00:49 ma-te tama skicin tan-op nothing about what the Indian
00:52 eli-pawatok kosona eli-nomihtaq, would want or see, because
00:53 'sami kilun tehpu what we wanted was
00:55 pawatomoqpon ewecitu. what we had had before.
00:57 Tehpu pawatomoqpon We wanted what was
00:59 kisi-wihqonasik yut, ihik, Township, taken here at Township,
01:01 nit-olu Strip oloqiw, naka over by the Strip, and
01:04 nit, iyey, GP-ona kisi-wihqonok; what GP took;
01:06 well, it wasn't GP, well, it wasn't GP,
01:07 it was keq, St. Croix Paper. it was, what? St. Croix Paper.
01:09 Nit tehpu, That was all,
01:11 tehpu nit apaci… that was all…
01:12 I think kil neket I think at that time you…
01:14 Nit tehpu etoli-apaci-wihkutomeq. That was all you were asking back.
01:17 On tokec-op tpost-… And now, if they had
01:19 tpostakiyek neke, listened to us at that time,
01:21 nit-tehp… that would…
01:22 Alienated lots. Alienated lots.
01:22 Aha. Iya. Yes. Ya.
01:24 Ma-te nit, iyey, It wasn't…
01:26 ma nit ktanaqotu, ma tahk it wasn't much,
01:28 pecitahasultiwiyik, 'sami but they didn't think much of it,
01:29 ikolisoman because
01:30 ma-te 'kihcitomitahatomuwon neket at that time white people didn't value
01:34 kilun skicinuwok eli-nomihtuwoq. what we as Indians saw.
01:36 So ktomhannuk-ote, So we defeated them,
01:39 nekomaw-ote, iyey, tahalu, in their own court. and in their own court.
01:42 Ma-te kihcitomitahtomkuwinnuk; They didn't think much of us;
01:44 litahasultuwok they thought
01:45 ma-te kilun keq kocicihtuhpon. we didn't know anything.
01:47 Mec-ote ktenaqsuwok nit elitahasultihtit. A lot of them still think that way.


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