I Could Paddle All Day Long: Axe-Handles and Baseball Bats

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00:16 Nqenoss sakhiyat yut over the weekend. My grandson showed up over the weekend.
00:20 Itom, Oh my God, Gramp, He said, Oh my God, Gramp,
00:21 where'd you get that axe-handle? where'd you get that axe-handle?
00:22 I said, I made it. I said, I made it.
00:24 He said, Oh God, that's a good one. He said, Oh God, that's a good one.
00:29 Nil-ona wehqapi-te nituwi ntolihtunol. I make them as I need them.
00:34 Ya. 'Sami mecimi nit Yes. Because one would always
00:35 peci-tomtestaq yuhtol be breaking them
00:37 wen kcihkuk, cuwi wen in the woods, so one would have to use
00:39 kekesk wen 'tuwehkan, iyey, kcihkuk. a little bit (of something) in the woods.
00:43 Ktolahqostun pesqon. You fashion one.
00:47 Naka, iya, And
00:50 hornbeam. Sakoleyu. hornbeam. It's hard.
00:53 Sakoleyu not. That's a hard wood.
00:55 I think pesq liku yet sitomok. I think there's one growing by the shore.
00:57 Ya. Yes.
00:59 Mec-al tutaqsit kis. It's about this big around already.
01:01 Yet ehta-ona ihik U Roadok iyuwok Up there on the U Road
01:04 peskuwok, there are some,
01:05 nit-al 'tutaqsiniya. they're about this big around.
01:08 Nit ehta nopal pskuhuk pesq I wish I could find one nice and big
01:10 welaqsit. like that.
01:15 Nkotuwihtun pesqon, iyey, I'm going to make
01:18 petstik. a baseball bat.
01:21 Well, cipotu-te-na wot ntuwehkaha. Well, maybe I would use this one, too.
01:24 'Sami neke ntat pesqon kisihtaq. Because my dad made one.
01:27 Naka trademark 'kisi-punomon: Ale. And he put a trademark on it: "Ale."
01:31 Mam-ote not ma In the end,
01:32 'kiseltomuwawoniya 'tuwehkan. they didn't allow him to use it.
01:36 Naci-epeskomat tama, When he went to play ball somewhere,
01:39 'cekkomuwihtuwaniya: they checked his bat:
01:40 You can't do that here, You can't do that here,
01:43 home-made bat! [you can't use] a home-made bat!


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