I Could Paddle All Day Long: Canoes

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00:13 Tan tuciw wen 'totoli... Sometimes one is cutting it...
00:16 'totolosomon... 'kissomon-ote wen masq... one can cut birchbark...
00:23 Nihtol, ihil, Those pieces of
00:26 masqiyil anqoc, birchbark sometimes,
00:28 kosona, iyey, bark. or bark.
00:34 Mecimiw nit kceyawehkaniya masqiyil. They used to use a lot of birchbark.
00:40 Nit-tehp-ona nil toke. That's what I'd do now.
00:43 Dad nokka-milkunol Dad gave me everything that I use
00:44 ewehki keqsey kotuwihtuwan; for what I'm going to make;
00:47 psi-te nkisihtakun. he made all of it for me.
00:52 Tehpu toke ntahcuwi... Now all I have to do is...
00:57 Knaci-masqehk. ...go get birchbark.
00:58 Naci-masqehk. I go get birchbark.
01:01 Waht pihcetu sehtayiw Way back in the woods
01:03 kcihkuk ntoli-pskuwa ... I found a ...
01:06 Ntiyahpon Lula I told Lola
01:09 kisihtuwuk that I'd make
01:13 frame, a frame for him,
01:14 on yaka nit kotunolanen, and then we'd gather it,
01:16 on yaka kpunomonen nit, ihik, and then we'd put it in place
01:18 weci-kisihtu oqiton. so I could make a canoe.
01:20 Npehki-te ntiywanennuk wikpiyik We already had all the black ash
01:23 naka yuhtol, ihil, and these,
01:27 kawatoqihil, pemtoktekil, ihik, spruce strips,
01:30 lamiw. lying lengthwise inside.
01:31 Naka wen, iyey, And one would
01:34 'tepahsonomon. split them in half.
01:40 Nil-ona ntotoli-wolehtun, I am fixing up an
01:43 iyey, old Grand-Laker. old Grand-Laker.
01:45 Pihce 'tihinehpon, iya... A long time ago Matthew had it...
01:47 tan-al Matthew wetonok. I don't know where he'd gotten it from.
01:52 Waht wiku Huntley, He lived up there on Huntley Brook
01:54 about thirty years ago. about thirty years ago...
01:57 Nit mace-wikihtit nekomaw, When they first lived there,
02:01 tan-al wetonoks old canoe. he must have gotten that old canoe somewhere.
02:06 On one day peciyay... And one day when I came there...
02:10 'Sami nkisi-mehtaqosomakun Because somebody
02:12 nil wen ntul waht burned up my boat,
02:13 Nisutqosk, at Two Brooks,
02:16 piley eyyanpon. the new one I had.
02:21 Mam-ote nkociciyak. I finally found out who they were.
02:24 On, iyey, And so,
02:25 ntiyan, cu-oc nkoti-wolehtun, I told him that I would fix it;
02:28 nkoti-wolehtun nit. I would fix it.
02:33 Ntiyahpon, iyey, I told him
02:37 I'd give him fifteen dollars. I'd give him fifteen dollars.
02:39 Oh, no, aqamok nit petawotu. Oh, no, it's worth more than that.
02:42 Nit-te toli-matolukiye. And it was wobbly.
02:45 Nil-oc-ote nulehtun. I would fix it.
02:47 One day komotu sakhi-pisiye car, One day all of a sudden in drives a car,
02:49 with that old canoe. with that old canoe.
02:51 Ntiyahpon, put it right down there. I said, put it right down there.
02:54 Fifteen dollars. Fifteen dollars.
02:57 And, 'peciyan ntatat. And my dad came.
03:01 Itom, tan ktolehtun? He said, What will you do with it?
03:03 Tan koti-wolehtun? How are you going to fix it?
03:05 Naci-kotunolane kakskus. Let's go cut down a cedar.
03:07 Nmacahanen Pitok. We went to the Pit.
03:10 Nkisi-kotunolanen kakskus, We cut down a cedar,
03:12 nit-al 'tutaqsin. about this big around.
03:14 Nmacephanen nikonuk. We took it to my house.
03:16 Nkisikhan, I sawed it,
03:20 apc nkisikhan, then I sawed it again,
03:21 on nekom, iyey, kissan ribs. and he cut the ribs.
03:25 Naka nkisikonanen, And we bent them,
03:29 naka nkisi and I made
03:32 gunwales oliyan. the gunwales.
03:36 Nkisi-mawoskenomonen. We put it together.
03:39 'Kisi-punan ribs, He put in the ribs,
03:41 planking. the planking.
03:46 Mec-al I've been using
03:49 twenty-five years nit ntaluwehkan. U, wow. that canoe for about twenty-five years.


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