I Could Paddle All Day Long: Drawhorse

Start Time Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English
00:14 'Tahahsumol! It's his horse (my father's drawhorse)!
00:16 - 'Tahahsumol! His horse!
00:17 Cel tomessuss woniyakon. And its head came off.
00:19 Piley woniyakon nkisi-punomuwan. I put a new head on it.
00:24 Olonahqey. It's made of iron.
00:25 - Olonahqey. Iron.
00:26 Askomiye-tehp nit. That should last forever.
00:27 I know it. I know it.
00:28 Naka tomessik, cossokhikon. If it breaks, fix it with a nail.
00:29 Ahtoli-monessu. It keeps coming off.
00:36 Nil kahk kinatpahasu ntahahsum. My horse has a big head.
00:40 Nit-ona nkisiya wot. That's the way I made this one.
00:43 Pihce nkisiyahpon pesqon, Once I made one,
00:45 on tomessu woniyakon, and its head came off,
00:46 Louis 'kisihtun piluwey. and Louis made a new one.
00:51 Masqemusuwey. Out of birch.
00:52 - Masqemusuwey. - Out of birch.
00:54 Nit-ona yet kisihtu. And that one I made...
00:58 Naka motekon tutte And a piece of leather
01:00 ihik neqiw woniyakon. is put under the head.
01:01 Motekon. Leather,
01:02 On [weci] skat cilehtuwon yut. so you won't nick it here.
01:05 Yut-ona 'tihinehpon, nmehcihputun tahk. There used to be one here, too, but I wore it out.
01:09 Napicehlan makson! Put a shoe on it!
01:11 - Makson... Shoe...
01:18 Neke mecimiw pihce qeni-pqonhikhotiyek, A long time ago when we were peeling logs,
01:23 peskuwok 'tolihtuniya some people would
01:26 pqonhikon make the spud
01:28 ewehkehtit using
01:31 akomahqey. white ash.
01:33 Naka kisihtasik eli-greenuwit, And it was made of green wood,
01:38 on-oc, iyey, and they'd
01:41 'tolakonomoniya tokki kispahtek, bend it until it was dry,
01:45 on yaka, iyey, 'tolihtuniya sqot, weci... and then they'd make a fire to...
01:49 'Tahtoli-pkiksomoniya They'd keep charring it
01:51 tokkiw sakolalokittiyeyak tahalu-te until it was really hard,
01:54 olonahq. like iron.
01:56 Eci-wolessik. It really worked well.


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