I Could Paddle All Day Long: Heartwood and Sapwood

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:30 Saku yut So,
00:32 last fall, hunting season, last fall, during hunting season,
00:34 my grandkids come up. my grandkids came up.
00:37 Saku ntiyan, maceptuwin yukt waht So, I told them to go get these for me
00:39 naka naciksomakenok. and have them cut for me.
00:43 'Sami macephaniya, Because they went
00:45 nkisiksomakun nihiht, psi-te. and got them and sawed them for me, all of them.
00:47 Wolikuwok. They look good.
00:49 Kenuk tahk yukk, moshun-ote elkihqahk. But these, the heartwood is big.
00:56 Nit weci yut epahsiw, iyey, That's why half of this is that
01:01 olocihtek. color.
01:03 Wot kahk skat eliwiyut Isn't this what's called
01:04 mekoseweyit akomahq? "dark" white ash?
01:05 Nama... I don't know. No... well, I don't know.
01:07 Coke. Here, let me see.
01:12 'Sami mekoseweyit akomahq, Because "dark" white ash has
01:14 ktanaqot yut elocihtek. a lot of this color.
01:17 Kesi-wapeyik, nemq-ote wen nomihtun. When it's really white, one hardly sees this.
01:23 Yukt ehta peskuhuk... nkisihtun nit, iyey, Some of these... I made...
01:28 psi-te wapeyuwol 'tahakonol, all-white paddles,
01:31 nit outside ones. using the outer wood.
01:34 Wot nit, iyey, qihiw-ote moshunok... This one is near the heartwood...
01:37 Wot nit qihiw-ote moshunok, yuta, iya. Yes, this is near the heartwood.
01:41 Kenuk cu wolikonul. But anyway, they're good-looking.
01:44 Kenuk psi-te wen nemihtaq 'tahakonol, But everyone who sees the paddles,
01:47 tan yut kekesk eli-ihik brown, how there's a little brown in them,
01:49 nit-te wikinomoniya. they like the way they look.
01:51 Piltuwinaqot, I guess. It's different from what they're used to, I guess.
01:57 Yut kete kisihtu, When I made this one, for example,
02:03 ma-te nomihtuwon yut outside. I didn't see this outer part.
02:05 Yut nit psuhuney. This is heartwood.
02:09 'Kisi nit wen psonehtun. One can fill it (hole in the wood).
02:11 Nil yut ketuwuwehki, anyway. I'm going to use this one myself, anyway.
02:14 Nit-ona nil elessik anqoc, That happens to me sometimes,
02:15 nil-oc ewehki nit elikok. and I use that kind.
02:22 'Sami ma-te nit nmoskomuwon, Because I didn't find it until
02:23 cel, iyey, kisi-ihi. I'd already done it.
02:25 Kisi, iyey, mace wen emehkehtaq, iyey... When one has started to take it down...
02:30 Ipa, yut kete moshun kehsok eyik, Look, for example, there is so much heartwood,
02:33 epahsiw, yet-ona. in the middle, and in that one.
02:37 Woli-te epahsiw... Right down the middle...
02:39 Saku wen yut kisihtuwuk waht 'kisi, iyey, So, the person I was making this for
02:43 'kisi-ihin naka [...] epahsiw, yut-ona. had it and [...] in the middle, here too.
02:55 Naka peskuhuk, iyey, And some people
02:58 'pawatomoniya kinahqahk-ote, iyey, want a thick
03:02 handle. handle.
03:04 Nulehtun apsaqsossok, 'sami, iyey, I like to use a thin one,
03:07 woli eluwe-te tett oloqatokessu. because it kind of bends nicely like that.
03:13 Ipa... these are five-eighths. And these are five-eighths.
03:14 kenuk wolikonul-al. but they're beautiful, I guess.
03:19 I just got this one naka that one. I just got this one and that one.
03:23 Wolapitehe. It has a good grain.
03:27 Ipa, wot-ona kekesk Look, this piece is a little bit
03:28 Anqoc welikok wen wothakon Sometimes a person
03:31 accossu; colored, too;
03:40 naka ma nihtawi-sukiwon wen. has a beautiful paddle and doesn't know how to paddle.
03:42 I know it! I know it!


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