I Could Paddle All Day Long: Refining the Paddle

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:15 Yut ehta toke iyey... Now this one...
00:19 Ntahcuwi-na yut ulehtun kulopiw I have to fix it all around
00:25 naka, iyey, kiyahqikon. and make sure it's straight.
00:29 Kiyahqapotomon. Sight along it to make sure it's straight.
00:30 Nkiyahqapotomon, ya. Yes, see that it's straight.
00:34 Naka yut iyey pipuwekson kekesk yut. And make it a little thinner here.
00:39 Nulehtun-ote elikok. I fix mine the same way.
00:40 Then you can't be heard paddling. Ma-te wen mote-sukiw.
00:56 ma-te nkoti-tomihtihikew. I don't want to be chopping at the water.
01:01 Aha. Aha, nit-ona eci, iyey, Yes, and when I paddle around,
01:05 ali-suki, ma-te nkoti-moke-sukiw. I don't want to paddle too much, either.
01:09 Kinaq knomiyasoponik neke But did you see those people
01:11 weckuwi-sukulticik yet 'ci-maciw ihik that time paddling from
01:14 pitok tokkiw yut, ihik, nahtokayiw? the Pit to the shore down here?
01:18 Nit-te latokiyetul oqitonul! The canoes were zig-zagging like that!
01:20 Aha, ma-te 'tawi-sukultiwiyik. Yeah, they didn't know how to paddle.
01:22 Yut-te tomk pomi-sukultuwok, First they paddled on this side,
01:24 apc yut oloqiw. then on this side.
01:26 Nil naci-pomi-suki, When I go paddling,
01:29 yut-te npomi-suk, I could paddle
01:31 yut-te nkisi-tehp pomi-suk 'kekiw. all day long like this.
01:33 -- 'Kekiw, ya. Yes, all day long.
01:34 Neket alhutahsi yut, iyey... When I was guiding,
01:36 nit-te eltek my paddle. my paddle was positioned like that
01:40 Tehpu kpomi-suk. You just paddled along.
01:43 Sesolahki-te ntutem..., All of a sudden the guy [asks me],
01:47 "How do you do that?" "How do you do that?"
01:48 Ntiyahpon, "Do what?" I told him, "Do what?"
01:49 Itom, "We're moving all day long, He said, "We're moving all day long,
01:51 and you don't move." and you don't move."
01:58 Nwikuwaci-alhutahs 'sami, iyey, I enjoy guiding because I like to watch the people
02:04 nwikuwaci-tpinuwak ahtoli-ptahahtit nomehs. catching one fish after another.
02:09 Peskuwok 'tawamhotuwok, Some of them know how to fish,
02:11 peskuwok-ona... some of them...
02:13 Well, peskuwok tehpu Well, some of them
02:16 wikuwaci-aliyawotuwok naka 'tamhotiniya. just like being outdoors and fishing.
02:18 Ya, qocomok. Yes, outdoors.
02:20 Ya, wikuwaci-aliye qocomok. Yes, they like being outdoors.


Capture Date 2011-07-28
Video Length 02:26
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