I Could Paddle All Day Long: White Ash and Crooked-Knife

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:15 Akomahq nit ewehkuhukot White ash is what we used
00:19 ihil 'tahakonol for paddles
00:22 naka tomhikonatkul, and axe-handles,
00:25 naka tan tehpu keqsey wen ewehket and for anything one used
00:29 kcihkuk, kosona wen neqt elihtaq, ihil, in the woods, or once upon a time
00:32 tools. for making tools.
00:33 Mecimi-te wen ewehkahat akomahq. One always used white ash.
00:36 Ipa yut ehta eluwekhotiyek nilun mecimi-te Look, this is what we used to use,
00:39 nit elikok mihkutanis. this kind of knife.
00:41 Nekom-ote wen 'cuwi-lihtun. One had to make it oneself.
00:42 Ntat kisihtaq 1988. This is one my dad made in 1988.
00:45 Ya, wolikon. Yes, it's a good one.
00:46 July. July.
00:49 Nil-ona nkisihtunehpon pihce tuciw I made one, too, back in
00:53 1971; 1971;
00:54 kisihtuwan nit elikok. it's like what I made.
00:57 Naka wot, iya... And this...
00:59 ...kittakon. file.
01:00 - ...kittakon. - file.
01:03 Kittakon not file. Kittakon is a file.
01:07 Kittakon is a flat file, like this. Kittakon is a flat file, like this.
01:12 'Cuwi, iyey, One has to put it (knife)
01:15 'cuwi wen kcossenal mahkiyew, into the fire for a little while,
01:17 tokkiw pqaqosit, until it's red hot,
01:20 on yaka, iyey, and then one can
01:24 wen 'kisuwehkahan. use it.
01:26 Namoqicehlal wen ihik Then one plunges it into
01:28 mimeyak kosona 'samaqanok, oil or water,
01:30 weci woli-ksikihit. so that it will be nice and sharp.
01:35 Yut nit, iyey, keq ktoliwihtomon, David, What do they call this, David,
01:38 lihkutolakon? a draw-knife?
01:39 Lihkutolakon. A draw-knife.
02:09 Wolikon nit, iyey, That looks good,
02:11 kisihtuwon... that one you've made...
02:12 Ya. Neket ya... Yes. In the past...
02:14 ...tomhikonahtoq. the axe-handle.
02:15 Tomhikonahtoq. An axe-handle.
02:19 Neket Sapatis Long ago I watched Sabattus
02:22 ntahtolosakiyan etolihtaq yuhtol, make these, over and over,
02:24 naka nihtol pihceyikil. and those long ones.
02:28 Tomhikon tehpu 'ciktehmonol, He would just rough them out
02:30 naka, iyey, using an axe and
02:32 crooked knife. a crooked knife.
02:35 Naka supehtaq, And when he smoothed it,
02:37 ma-te sandpaper 'tuwehkawon, he wouldn't use sandpaper,
02:39 tehpu piece of glass. just a piece of glass.
02:42 Nit ehta... Then...
02:44 Nit-te-na mecimiw ntat elihtaq nihtol. And that's how my dad used to make those.
02:48 Yuktok api, iyey, These people here were
02:51 apuwikhikehtit Mexico, filming in Mexico;
02:54 niktok-ona niktok ihik skicinuwok-ona nikk. those were indigenous people, too.
02:58 Not-ona ya, This one Indian
03:01 skicin etoliyat, ihil, yuhtol was making a top
03:05 petqakikossit wen kiwtahqehlacil. that you could spin.
03:09 Nihtol etoliyat, When he was making it,
03:12 tomk-ote 'tapi-tomihtahal stahqonol, nit-al 'tutaqsin. first he cut off a stick about that big around.
03:16 Nit-al qoneyu, iyey... It was that long.
03:18 Ma kahk tomihikon, Not with an axe,
03:22 machete. but a machete.
03:23 Nit-al qoneyu. It was that long.
03:25 Nit etolosat... When he was cutting...
03:26 kissat, when he had cut it,
03:28 on 'totoluwehkan nekom then he used
03:31 puhtayewey. a piece of glass.
03:34 Tahalu-tehp kil, iyey... Just like you...
03:38 'Sami neket psi-te wen nit Because in the past
03:42 ewehket, everyone used that
03:43 supehtaq wen keq. to smooth things.
03:44 - Supehtaq wen keq. - To smooth things.
03:46 Mecimi-te ma-te tama, iyey, There used to be
03:49 broken glass kistew. no broken glass to be found anywhere.
03:52 Psi-te wen 'tuwehkan. Everyone was using it.
03:57 Naka, iya, Pulis, And Horace,
04:01 nekom-ona draw-knife. he used a draw-knife.
04:04 He used to make bows and arrows. He used to make bows and arrows.
04:09 Nekom-ona crooked knife He also used a crooked knife
04:11 naka glass. and glass.
04:14 Nit mecimiw ellukhotihtit. That's how they used to do it.
04:16 Ma tahk toke 'tuwehkawoniya. - No. They don't use it now. - No.
04:20 Tepot yut nil... But this is my...
04:23 amsqahsewey-ote kisihtu yut. This is the very first one I made.
04:28 Wolikon. It looks good.
04:29 Kiyasqi-te wen kisuwehket? Hopefully someone will be able to use it?


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