I Found Strawberries

Start Time Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English
00:01 Nmoskuwak pskihqiminsok. I found strawberries.
00:02 Aha. Yes.
00:04 Naka elinaqsihtit. And there were so many of them.
00:05 'Punan wot, iya, They produce this
00:06 perfume. perfume.
00:11 Hey, elalokittiyenaqsit yut. Hey, there are a hell of a lot here.
00:13 Kmace-pskuwak. You've started finding them.
00:15 Ipa, yut elinaqsit. Hey, there are a lot here.
00:16 U ya, Oh yes,
00:18 lovely. lovely.
00:20 Ipa. Look.
00:21 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
00:23 Ipa. Hey.
00:25 Eci-wolkilok not. That one is nice and big.
00:26 Eci-wolocossit. It's such a beautiful color.
00:27 Iya, Yeah,
00:28 good one. good one!
00:30 Woliku. It looks good.
00:31 Aluwehta I could even
00:33 npoqqolaqtunuhusin. use it as lipstick.
00:35 Haw. Go ahead!
00:37 Nmihqolaqtunuhusin. I'm putting on lipstick.
00:42 Iya. Yes.
00:46 Keq iyahp nil. Wouldn't you know I'd do that.
00:49 Mmm. Mmm.
00:50 Wolihpuksuwok? Do they taste good?
00:51 Eci-wolihpuksihtit. Really good.
00:53 Elinaqsit yut, Donald. There are a lot here, Donald.
00:54 Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm,
00:55 nomiyak. I see them.
00:57 Yut-ona. Here, too.
00:58 Wolapskosuwok? Are they nice and fat?
00:59 Aha, naka ulocossiniya. Yes, and they have a good color.
01:01 Yut oloqiw, elinaqsit. Over here there are a lot.
01:04 Elkiluhtit-ona. And they're huge.
01:06 Nit-te skat wen... That's so no one can...
01:07 Ipa, Madonna! Look at Madonna!
01:08 Skat wen, ...so no one,
01:09 skat wen kisi iyey... ...so no one can...
01:10 Elomi-cikonihket. Picking apples.
01:12 Elomi, iyey, komucessit, ...go off secretly.
01:14 komuciptinessit. Go sneak with their hand.


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Video Length 01:17
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