I had to go tell on myself

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00:03 Naka cikoniyik. And apples.
00:07 Mus kete neke lahkal... At that time it wasn't even fen...
00:09 Lahkalusonahasu. Fenced in.
00:11 Lahkalusonahasik nomiyaponik Fenced in. I saw about
00:16 stehpal-ote newwok skinuhsisok four boys
00:19 etoli-komutonomuwahtit nit iyey lupap. stealing her rhubarb.
00:23 On nekomaw 'tolomiyaniya on nil saku... And they left and so I...
00:26 "Coke ntoqecehtun kinaq pesq." "Well, I'll try at least one."
00:28 On nkeskuhtehkakun. And she caught me.
00:31 On nkeskuhtehkakun. "Keq yut kil ktolluhk? And she caught me. "What are you doing here?
00:33 Kil-ona ktiyali-komuton?" Are you going around thieving, too?"
00:36 Ntiyahpon, "Tehpu nkoti-qettomonehpon." I told her, "I just wanted to taste it."
00:37 Ntoqeci-wesuwe-milan. I tried to give it back.
00:40 Itom, "Nama, macept. Naci-yahan She said, "No, take it. Go tell
00:41 kuhkomoss elluhkiyin, naka ktiyan your grandmother what you did,
00:43 temonu naci-wikuwamkoma." and tell her that I'll be visiting her later."
00:45 Ntolitahasin, ehqalokittiye! I thought, oh no!
00:47 Ntahcuwihc naci-psims. I'll have to go tell on myself.
00:49 On saku nmacahan. And so I went home.
00:52 Nkisi-yahan nuhkomoss elluhki. I told my grandmother what I'd done.
00:54 Eci-naskatahamit. Itom, She was so disappointed in me. She said,
00:56 "Mehsi nit olluhkiyin?" "Why did you do that?"
00:58 Itom, "Ma-te ktali-kotuhpiw. She said, "You weren't hungry.
01:00 Ktiyali-koti-qettomon. You just wanted to taste it.
01:02 Tehpu iyey qeni-yohot kmuhsums, All you had to do was tell your grandfather,
01:04 cu-op kpeciptakun." and he'd have brought you some."
01:06 On 'peciyat, nit-te-na 'peciyan Maliyan, And she came, Maliyan came,
01:08 on nekomaw 'totolakonutomahtiniya. and they talked.
01:11 On nuhkomoss etolakonutomuwat And my grandmother told her
01:15 eli-kisewestuwamit naka eci-naskatahamit. how she'd talked to me and that she was so disappointed in me.
01:17 On itom Maliyan, itom "U," itom, And Maliyan said, "Oh.
01:20 "Nekom tehpu, kat kahk nekom tehpu. Not just her.
01:22 Elinaqsihtit wasisok A lot of children are
01:25 mecimi-tehc naci-komutonaniya." always coming and stealing."
01:30 On nutuwan, on ntolitahasin, And I heard her, and I thought,
01:32 ma apc nit ntolehlaw not ktomaki-ehpit. I won't do that to that poor woman again.
01:34 Naka ma apc nit wen ntolehlaw. And I never did it to anyone again.
01:36 Nit-te-na ma apc ntolehlaw, I never did it to anyone again,
01:38 eci-ktomakitahamuk nil elehluk. I felt so sorry for what I'd done to her.
01:41 Gee! Gee!
01:42 Nit-te-lu wen - 'tahcuwi wen - But that's what you - You had to -
01:44 mecmiw naci-msimsu. You used to have to tell on yourself.
01:45 Aha. Yes.
01:47 Cuwi wen naci-msimsu... You had to go tell on yourself...


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